Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hollywood Librarian

For all of you librarian types out there, check out The Hollywood Librarian.

"The first of its kind, this film will show the realities of 21st century librarianship in the entertaining and appealing context of American movies."

No release date is set yet, but you can view a 5 minute trailer on the website. A sneak preview was also offered at the recent ALA conference in New Orleans. I wasn't able to make it to the conference this year, otherwise I would have been in that audience.

I've never had the pleasure of visiting this bookstore, but thought it's "A Continuous Reading of Don Quixote" a neat idea. Proceeds go to Behind the Book. The reading wraps up sometime today, but if you live in the NYC area, might be worth taking a walk or subway ride over.

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Carl V. said...

Being married to a library worker (supervisor, not a librarian per se)as well as a book and library lover makes me even more interested in this documentary than I might normally be. Looks like it might be good.