Thursday, November 16, 2006

Goodbye warm weather

Now that all of the leaves have dropped, autumn is officially over in my mind. Which means the start of another long New England winter. The kind that starts the first week of December and seems to go on until May. You'd think that after living all 31 of my years in the northeast, I'd be immune to the cold by now, but that is not the case. Although I do think I'd take a New England winter over the hot, humid, oppressive heat of say, southern Florida. Humid weather does not bode well for good hair days. Not that hat hair is much better.

I started thinking about the long winter ahead after seeing some lovely summer time pictures we forgot to download from our digital camera. So I decided to dedicate this post to all things warm weather like. First is a vacation picture of the beautiful harbor in Camden, Maine (this is the town with the beautiful library, natural ampitheather, and 4 bookstores - one of which is, or was, selling the entire Trixie Belden collection in near perfect condition; should have snatched them up when I had the chance). Actually, this picture could be Rockland, Maine, not Camden. Doesn't matter. Both are adorable.

Next are pictures from Edith Wharton's estate The Mount. One of the house itself and one of the amazing gardens behind the house. Must get back there again soon. Seeing her personal library and the ongoing restoration project of her estate was incredible.

And then we have a picture of our beautiful rose bushes that, much to my astonishment, bloomed for the second year in a row. Gardening is not my forte. I like the idea of it, but don't have the patience for it. I did manage to keep a potted tomato plant and some lavendar alive this year though, so maybe I'll rethink the whole gardening thing next year. I planted some bulbs this past weekend - if they come up in the spring then I'll definitely give gardening another chance.

My two buddies lounging on our porch is the next shot. They like to keep me company when I read. And when I sleep. And when I am trying to brush my teeth, or make dinner, or do work on the computer. You get the picture. Whoever said cats are solitary creatures have never met my cats. While they can't stand each other, they love people and like to be the center of attention at all times. Especially Jack (the black one), who essentially rules the household. This picture makes me laugh, because for two cats that despise each other, they always seem to lounge or sleep next to one another. Go figure. I think about 5 minutes after this picture was taken, there was a flurry of activity in which punches were thrown, necks were bitten, and faces scratched, all resulting in what looked like an explosion of cat fur, followed by each of them retreating into separate corners to lick their wounds and strategize their next attack.

So with this post, I bid warm weather adieu. Time to settle in for a long winter in which I will be sure to keep myself surrounded by piles of books at all times!


Stefanie said...

Beautiful pictures! Fall is just over there? How I wish it was the case here in Minnesota. We've had snow a few times already. granted it was just a dusting and it melted by mid-morning, but it was snow all the same. I've lived here 12 years and while I know the cold winter is coming, when it arrives I am always surprised by it. Go figure.

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing those! The story about your cats really made me giggle.


LK said...

So wonderful, thank you for sharing. Your kitties look a lot like my kitties (Colette and Mambo). They are such good reading companions, no?

I really would LOVE to visit Edith Wharton's home. And those pictures are soooo inspiring.

nutmeg said...

One of my enduring wishes is to have a cold, white christmas. So New England looks good to me!

I just read you comment about picking up a subscription to Pages magazine - happy to have given the tip off :-)

I was looking at your nightstand pile and noticed Confederates in the Attic. While I'm not a civil buff or huge fan I really enjoyed that book. It really had me laughing in places.

With your current reading challenge I really enjoyed March and thought it very, very clever in its hints toward Little Women. I also liked The Shadow of the Wind. Edith Wharton is a big favourite of mine and those pictures of her estate make me want to visit. NOW!

Sheri said...

Thanks for the pictures. Camden Maine sounds like a lovely place.

Good luck with Winter. As a girl who grew up in bayous of Louisiana, I can't imagine a worse fate. I'm in Atlanta now, and even that seems cold to me. It's all about what your used to I guess.

Cute cats.

Lesley said...

Oh my god, you had the chance to get the entire Trixie Belden series?! I loved her books and wish I held onto mine.

Your Jack looks just like my Mojo, complete with the HoH attitude.

I mostly like living in the South in the winter, but I wish we could have a couple good NE snowstorms down here.

nessie said...

crazy. It's about -5 here in MTL and we find it to be so warm and cool. I look at your pics and think vacation resort...

I guess thats what happens when your born and raised in winters of -60C.

The upside is that there is nothing - well almost nothing - that compares to the feeling of curling up with a book in your lap, a pot of tea or coffee right by the fireplace. Its the best present of the year

tanabata said...

Lovely pictures. The leaves have finally started to drop here now too, so winter's on its way. It never gets terribly cold here though- I wish it would snow!
My cat is also very social- he loves to be around us all the time. Cute pic of yours.

Anonymous said...
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