Sunday, October 28, 2007


32 years old did that happen? I remember waking up on my birthday last year and thinking the same thing - 31 years did that happen? So far though, I've been enjoying my 30's more than my 20's, I feel more settled in my career, I feel more certain of what I want and how I want to lead my life, etc. Here's to hoping that things continue to get better with age :)

Just got back from seeing the movie Gone, Baby, Gone. Not a very uplifting movie, but then again none of Dennis Lehane's books are warm and fuzzy. All in all though, I thought it was a good movie and the theater was empty as everyone was home having their World Series parties and getting ready to watch the game. I did see Elizabeth last week and I really enjoyed that. I am a huge fan of the Philippa Gregory books and I really wanted to see that part of history on screen. My ony complaint was the overuse of imagery and dramatic music, but the costumes were incredible and Cate Blanchett did a fantastic job of protratying the queen.

While catching up on season 2 episodes of House tonight (and keeping an eye on the score of game 4), I'll be knitting away and enjoying those tasty cupcakes pictured above. Then it's off to bed with Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian (finally - this book has been in my TBR pile for 2 whole years!!). I was trying to get through Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult, but eventually gave up. I know I've mentioned this before and have said I've sworn off all of her books after reading The Tenth Circle, but a co-worker convinced me to try Salem Falls saying it would be different. And once again I was sucked in by the book jacket description (I hope who ever writes these book jacket descriptions for Picoult gets paid well) and once again I was disappointed. Ah well, can't love everything I read.


Literary Feline said...

Happy Birthday! I am enjoying being in my thirties too. It's an age that suits me. :-)

You've seen two movies I really want to see: Gone, Baby, Gone and Elizabeth.

I hope you enjoy reading The Historian. Hopefully you have a paperback copy if you are reading in bed. :-)

nutmeg said...

Happy Birthday! Those cakes look v.good!

I have just bought the dvd of the first instalment of the "Elizabeth" saga starring Cate Blanchet - to remind me of the "story so far" before I go and see the latest (called Elizabeth: The Golden Age here)

And like you - I tried Picoult twice and that definitely is enough for me!

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday! I have really only enjoyed one Picoult book (My Sister's Keeper) but have had a hard time getting through some of her other ones (including Salem Falls) and have pretty much given up. I did read the Historian and just wrote a review of it on my blog - I really enjoyed it, although it took forever for me to get through it. It is not a quick read.

Susan said...

Happy Birthday!

Have fun with The Historian. I read it earlier this year and couldn't put it down for hours at a time -- what a perfect read around Halloween!

Lotus Reads said...

Happy Birthday! The 30's are a wonderful decade, have fun! Are you planning on seeing Shekhar Kapur's sequel to Elizabeth? It hasn't had rave reviews unfortunately, but a Cate Blanchett fan is bound to enjoy it.

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! The Historian is my bedtime re-read at the moment. Excellent isn't it?

Gracie said...

I have just read a book called Out of the Darkness by Michael Clinton Oliver. It was well written and very interesting. I have heard that it was written by Bill Clinton and he wasn't going to acknowledge it before the election. Has anyone else heard that?

LK said...

Belated Happy B-day! I have to share your enthusiasm for House.

Camille said...

I've been away from blogging for so long that I missed a lot! I'm 11 days older than you. :) Now on to the meme you tagged me for...thank goodness I'm back to blogging or I would have missed it.