Saturday, January 05, 2008

Holiday 2007 Wrap Up

Hmmm...time seems to have gotten away from me once again as I realize it's been a few weeks since my last blog post. I'd like to say my New Year's resolution is to blog more, but as much as I would like that to happen I'm not sure how realistic it is. So for now, I will just be content to post as often as I can and continue to keep up with my Bloglines - I read so many great posts everyday (I find this to be the perfect activity while on my lunch break at work); I am very happy to have found such a wonderful and fascinating community of book bloggers!

This weekend is definitely a reading-filled weekend. I'm recovering from some minor oral surgery, which has caused my bottom lip to swell and bruise making me look like I went a couple of rounds in the boxing ring. I figured rather than venture out and risk scaring small children, I'd relax at home, put my feet up and catch up on some good reading. Although I did take a trip over to the library earlier because I received an email saying a copy of Atonement was waiting for me and I couldn't possibly wait until Monday for that! Anyone see the movie yet? I'm dying to see it.

Speaking of movies, I've seen some good ones recently. First there was The Golden Compass. I know this one got some mixed reviews, but I have to say I enjoyed it. I had read the book for a young adult literature class I took in grad school and had to do a whole semester-end project on the book. I will say though, that if I hadn't read the book ahead of time I am not so sure I would have understood everything. My husband hadn't read the book and said he was a little confused in some parts, but overall got the gist of it enough to enjoy it. And I thought Nicole Kidman was prefectly cast as the sinister Mrs. Coulter. I've always found her to seem cold and aloof when I watch her in interviews...I found her portrayal of Mrs. Coulter to be very believable! And as a knitter, I just have to mention all of the fabulous knitwear Lyra wore in the film. I loved her hat and I know there is a pattern for it floating around somewhere in Ravelry.

Most recently, we saw Sweeney Todd. The timing was perfect, because we had just seen a theater production of it in Boston right before the holidays. We both thought it was great, but then again I love all of Tim Burton's films and I think Johnny Depp always does such a great job of playing those eccentric characters. Who would have thought that when I was watching 21 Jump Street in junior high, that he would turn out to be such a well known and respected actor? And again with the knitweat in this movie - I think Sweeney Todd wore a pair of handknit warmers in every scene which was funny to us because I had just finished knitting a pair for my husband which he dutifully wore to the movies that night.

And a couple pairs for myself...look closely and you'll see a wedding photo in the background - this is probably the closest I will ever come to delurking :)

This week I am going to see P.S. I Love You with a friend. Total chick-flick I know...I don't have high expectations for it other than to be entertained for an hour and a half (or however long it is). I read the book last week and hated the ending, I am curious to see how true the movie will stay to the book. My friend and I are both in agreement that Gerard Butler is dreamy to look at, so if nothing else I am sure we will both enjoy watching him :)

I got some great books and DVDs for Christmas this year, and I am sure many of you did as well :) Most of the books I got were knitting/crafting books or cookbooks with oh so many pretty pictures and project ideas. Here are a few below...

DVDs include seasons 4 and 5 of Smallville, so I now own seasons 1-5 and only have season 6 left to get. I didn't start watching this show until season 3 and became hooked right away. Such a great show. And I also got seasons 1 - 4 of Felicity. I loved this show before it was cancelled...we are slowly working our way through season 1 right now and I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed watching it the first time around.

And my Christmas gift to myself...a brand new pair of Uggs! I have lusted after my sister's pair for some time now, I finally bought my own. They are the most comfortable boots ever and I only take them off to shower and sleep - he he.

I hope everyone had a good New Year's. We didn't do too much...we stayed in New Year's Eve, had a friend over and feasted on yummy appetizers most of the evening. Anybody ever have Amy's Organic Pizza from the freezer section of the grocery store? We love this stuff - it is delicious. We've tried several varieties and have liked every one, although the roasted vegetable and margherita pizzas are our favorites.
I also served this appetizer which couldn't be any easier to make. We have a Harry and David store near us, so getting our hands on jars of their pepper and onion relish is very easy. If you don't have one near you, I urge you to order some of this stuff online and try the recipe - it seems to wow everyone. It's the perfect blend of savory and sweet.
New Year's Day morning I tried to recreate some blueberry-lemon-sour cream pancakes I had had for brunch at a cozy little inn we had gone to earlier in the week. They came out quite good if I do say so myself (although pancakes are pretty hard to screw up).
Ok, all of this talk about food is making me hungry...I need to go rummage around in the kitchen and see what I can find to eat that will actually taste good and not rip the stitches out of my lip. Starting to get very sick of oatmeal and cheese ravioli...

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Anna said...

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Captain Cat said...

Atonement wasn't too bad actually - I really disliked Keira Knightly (I find her acting quite wooden and her face is annoying...ok, so maybe not a valid reason to dislike an actor) but she was actually rather good.

I've been reading through some of your posts and really enjoying them, they're fab. I love that you love books so much and am envious that you get through them so easily. I adore reading, but always end up reading books to do with my work (I'm a humanitarian aid worker); this year, I am determined to read more for pleasure. I have brought back some good books with me from home, a couple of Steinbeck novels (never read Steinbeck before, shock horror), some Laurie Lee, because he writes so beautifully about the English countryside and growing up... and some Carol Shields, suggested to me by my mother who is an absolute book worm.

What is your number one favourite book of all time? If you had to choose just ONE what would it be?

So glad I found your blog.