Saturday, July 22, 2006

Another hot, humid day

Another hot, humid day here in the northeast. Some complain about such uncomfortable weather and I usually chime in with my displeasure, but secretly sometimes I don't mind these days at all. What better excuse to hole up in the house with the a/c running and a good book? No guilt whatsoever about not running those errands, doing the dreaded yardwork, or forcing oneself to go for that jog (to me aka "a necessary evil").

Today, I finished up Magic Hour- the latest by Kristin Hannah. This is definitely the kind of book best saved for a lazy, humid day in that little thought is required to follow along. The plot was pretty farfetched, the characters bordered on annoying with their self-absorption, and the dialogue was nothing short of being trite, but nonetheless it kept my attention and fulfilled its purpose as something entertaining. I typically have the same reaction to Jodi Picoult books. Usually a hint of melodrama and a gross overuse of similes (many of which make very little sense), but I think her plots are pretty good and I know her books will keep me entertained for a short while before I am ready to move on to something a little more meaty.

Tonight I'll start The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory. With my upcoming book club meeting, I have precisely 3 days to read the book from cover to cover. No easy feat, given its length, but I have faith. Given the reviews I have been hearing, most likely it will be difficult to put down once I start reading.

Ahhh, here's to another evening reading in bed with one cat draped across my feet, the other sleeping on my shoulder, and my husband inches away, snoring while I try to get through as many pages as possible before the hum of the air conditioner lulls me to sleep. My kind of night, indeed.

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