Thursday, February 22, 2007

More winter reads

At the advice of Stephanie (The Written Word and Me So Crafty) and Heather (The Library Ladder and Orange Blossom Goddess), I've gone ahead and started a craft blog. I'm trying wordpress this time around and have been satisfied so far - maybe I'll eventually move this one over to wordpress also. Hopefully, keeping up with two blogs will not prove to be too much for me.

The Haunting of Hill House (Penguin Classics)Right now I'm reading Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House. A great spooky read - I enjoy the stream of consciousness Eleanor seems to think in and how the characters interact with one another. Their banter keeps things light as the reader waits to understand why they were all brought to Hill House.

I also picked up a copy of A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian by Marina Lewycka. I'm only about one chapter in but hope to get a lot more read tonight as this one is a library book and already overdue!

First ImpressionsRecently I finished Nora Roberts' First Impressions, which was the short novel she had come out with around Christmas time. I'd never read anything by her before, the only reason I picked this one off of the library shelf was that a friend kept suggesting her books to me, not realizing that I typically avoided the romance genre. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. It was the romantic fluff I had anticipated, but at the time fluff was what I needed and I think I read the book in one sitting. I'm putting Nora Roberts on my list of "my head hurts, I don't want to think about anything, need a quick, entertaining read" list of authors. I don't know that I could read her books on a regular basis but every now and then I think I'll find them enjoyable. I haven't tried her J.D. Robb series yet, not sure how those are.

I finally finished Inkheart - which was fantastic!

And last but not least, I am meeting a friend for high tea at the Concord Colonial Inn this weekend, where we are sure to be surrounded by the ghosts of so many literary greats!


LK said...

Congrats on your new blog!

I love The Haunting of Hill House...just one of the spookiest reads ever.

SuziQoregon said...

I'll be interested to hear what you think about "Tractors" I read that last fall and it's one I still think about occasionally.

booklogged said...

I put the Haunting of Hill House on my TBR list as a possibility for the R.I.P. challenge in Oct.

nutmeg said...

High tea! Don't get me started - I LOVE high tea. Oh so civilised :-) Hope it was great.

I read Short History.... and quite enjoyed it. I think, unfortunately, that it is now a bit over-hyped and people will expect far too much from it. It's good; but not as good as some of the hype says ;-)

Janice said...

I'd like to read A Short History of Tractors :)
I've read The Haunting of Hill House when the movie came out, the book is way better

Lesley said...

I loved The Haunting of Hill House - and the original black and white movie is just as scary! I just picked up a used copy of We Have Always Lived in the Castle and have high hopes for that one as well.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I had the same experience with Nora Roberts last year. MUCH better than I expected it to be!