Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ask the librarians at the New Yorker

For those of you that read The New Yorker, you'll find Emdashes to be of interest. The head librarians at The New Yorker now have a monthly column where they answer all things New Yorker related. Anyone can submit questions - it's pretty nifty and a blog worth checking out.

I also read about LibriVox in the New York Times recently...I had mentioned public domain books in an earlier post. LibriVox is making audiobooks public domain and available for download with the help of volunteers. Volunteers can record a solo reading or read collaboratively with other volunteers, each person taking certain chapters. I haven't downloaded any yet but admit I am curious. I would imagine that it's hit or miss depending on how you like a person's reading style, but there are bound to be several readers involved with the project that you can enjoy listening to. Might make that morning commute a little more bearable!


LK said...

That's great! I'm a copyeditor, among other things, so I'm always on the lookout for this kind of thing. Have you ever checked out Chicago Manual of Style FAQ? Here's the link:

Kailana said...

Still waiting for my picture! :p